Supporting Western Queensland
through the hardship of drought

Please help a family in need today.

Drought has gripped families & communities across Western Queensland for over five years.

Limited rain results in significant losses of income for rural families, making everyday bills and expenses hard to pay... and that's just counting the financial strain. Prolonged drought also places stress and pressure on almost everyone living in the community.

When you donate to the Western Queensland Drought Appeal, your funds will be loaded onto pre-paid debit cards or vouchers and distributed directly to landholders in western Queensland, for them to spend on personal needs in their local communities. This keeps the money in the region, allows landholders to choose how they spend the money, and gives local businesses a boost with the extra trade.

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"Every dollar makes a difference"

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Account Name:  Western Queensland Drought Appeal
BSB:  034-194
Account Number:  238468
Cheques can be posted to:
Western Queensland Drought Appeal
PO Box 496, Longreach QLD 4730

Western Queensland Drought Appeal is a Public Benelovent Institution and a registered Charity with DGR status.